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Grating Welding Machine

FT Model

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The Total Solution for Resistance Welding


Product Image of model DDI-180X2-FT Grating Welding Machine


FT Model

  1. This machine adopts Three Phase Inverter DC (MFDC) welding system that is drawings very minimal primary current and requires Dynamic Electricity of only 100kVa total.
  2. German imported Bosch Rexroth Inverter DC Power Supply ensures constant welding current, hence constant current output.
  3. The machine uses pneumatic system. No hydraulic unit, less hassle in service in the future.
  4. The machine is water cooled to the electrode which ensures longer electrode life and weld quality.
  5. The machine is controlled by PLC for accurate welding distance and movement.
  6. Dahching’s experience in Electrode-Forged Grating Welding machine applied here. Grating quality produced by this machine is ensured.
  7. Machine equipped with user-friendly interface, easy to troubleshoot and stable machine quality.

Thickness of Bearing Bar (A) 3mm ~ 6mm
Height of Bearing Bar (B) 30mm ~ 50mm
Cross Bar (C) 5.0 ~ 6.0 mm (Square Rod) Ø6.0 ~ Ø8.0mm after Twisting
Pitch between Bearing Bars (D) 30mm ~ 50mm
Pitch of Cross Bars (C) 50mm or 100mm
Panel Length 6000mm max.
Panel Width 1000mm max.
Cycle Time 45Min / Grating
» Excluding Loading and Unloading by Operator
» Panel Size 1000mm*6000mm
» Cross bar pitch 100mm
Weldability Weld electrode: 90~120mm max
» Cross Bar: 6mm Square Bar (Dia. 8mm after Twisting)
1. Max 6 Points (3 bearing bars) for 3mm Bearing Bar
2. Max 4 Points (2 bearing bars) for 5mm Bearing Bar
» Cross Bar: 5mm Square Bar (Dia. 6mm after Twisting)
1. Max 10 Points (5 bearing bars) for 3mm Bearing Bars
2. Max 8 points (4 bearing bars) for 5mm bearing bars
No. of Cross Bar Welding Welding 2 in 1 stroke


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